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last month i started a multi-part guide on drawing backgrounds for beginners (or any artist anxious about getting started!). i took some people's questions on twitter about things they struggle with most regarding backgrounds and i'm using those to write up this guide, so hopefully your burning questions about backgrounds are answered here!

  • how do perspective lines work?
  • how do you decide what to put in a character's room?
  • how do you make your backgrounds less flat?

all that and more is answered here!

these guides are free to read and will stay free to read. if you find them helpful consider supporting me on patreon or ko-fi if you like! i post free guides to my patreon regularly and bonus content for patrons 😊


Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 1): The Basics of Perspective

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 2): The Basics of Depth

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 3): Designing a Room with Personality

i hope these are helpful!

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Finally got around to reading these and they were really helpful!

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