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philippe is looking for his special valentine 💌💕

based on its name, you might expect the Forest of the Faefolk to be a peaceful place . . .

. . . and it usually is, unless you get caught in the sights of its guardian.

recently finalized the design for one of runa's important historical figures, the mortal saint and father of necromancy Ydesis 🌠 his imagery can often be seen in mortuaries, cemeteries, and medical facilities as a symbol for those passing away without a patron godking, though the few countries that ban necromancy also ban his likeness.

spacesapphic asked:

hello ! i started reading Deryli and the Magician's Key on tapas (totally out of the blue, it showed up in my recommendations and i was like... wait... don't i know this username from somewhere else ??) and i just wanted to say i love it, your art is amazing !! i can't wait to read more :)))

aaaaa thank you!! 😭💕 i appreciate it so much 🙏

amadeus doing a little late night snooping......

was going to spend my birthday doing nothing but i ended up drawing anyways like a fool.... i couldn't resist the urge to draw my fishy son

my first full illustration of 2020!

tobin stays awake all night when he gets really wrapped up in a tailoring job, which is why he always comes off so lethargic during the day 😪

Deryli Rustmane dreams of following in the footsteps of his father, Lepus Rustmane, Runa's top magic scholar and guardian of one of the legendary Keys of Fate. His plans for the future change, however, when Lepus vanishes in the wake of a magical accident - leaving behind the mystery of his missing key, the Key of Seasons, and a national crisis for the floating island of Androvea, which cannot stay suspended without it.

Deryli sets off with his best friend and prince of Androvea, Philippe, on a journey to discover the whereabouts of Lepus and the Key of Seasons before Androvea falls from the sky - but their efforts will unknowingly entangle them in the plans of figures with greater, more sinister intentions for the Keys of Fate and the entire world of Runa.

Deryli and the Magician's Key is now available to read on Tapas and Webtoon CANVAS!

10 early access pages are available to patrons on my Patreon.

the DatMK boys dressed all snazzy for the winter solstice ball!

several character references from the past few months ✨