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edward the witch, lost in thought 🥀

it's time for the march lotus pinup!! after many months i finally let him have bangs..... do you think they suit him?

yenarae is the kingdom of hosceau's master entertainer, spending his days performing captivating melodies for the king's guests on his harp. as a dreamscribe, his music is said to guarantee all who listen pleasant dreams and safety from bad omens 🌷🎶

the worst part of having a big ass sword is the big ass mess you have to clean up later 😩

philippe is looking for his special valentine 💌💕

based on its name, you might expect the Forest of the Faefolk to be a peaceful place . . .

. . . and it usually is, unless you get caught in the sights of its guardian.

february's lotus pinup! he is fashionably late to the stylish cowboy trend 🍑🤠

a piece for the lovely @jellymillk of their oc, rose ✨

recently finalized the design for one of runa's important historical figures, the mortal saint and father of necromancy Ydesis 🌠 his imagery can often be seen in mortuaries, cemeteries, and medical facilities as a symbol for those passing away without a patron godking, though the few countries that ban necromancy also ban his likeness.

portrait of quentin! he's a treasure hunter with a cursed sword and a huge ego >:3

doodle from last night! i'm trying to mix my art style up a bit in 2020

amadeus doing a little late night snooping......

was going to spend my birthday doing nothing but i ended up drawing anyways like a fool.... i couldn't resist the urge to draw my fishy son

january's lotus pinup! not really a pinup per se, but this year i want to be more experimental with these!!

my first full illustration of 2020!

tobin stays awake all night when he gets really wrapped up in a tailoring job, which is why he always comes off so lethargic during the day 😪

a few doodles from the past few months! a few of these never got posted anywhere since they couldn't justify their own post ;w; i'm glad i can slap a bunch of images in WF

the DatMK boys dressed all snazzy for the winter solstice ball!

several character references from the past few months ✨

tobin says trans rights or eat dirt ✨

made some little portrait emblems for my comic boys!!

please don't repost or use as an icon 🙏

june's lotus pinup is here!

i imagine he would be an ex psychic NPC turned trainer when he realized standing around a psychic gym all day was too boring, LMAO

you can find all of my other monthly lotus pinups here !

version with team:


there is a constant running gag where whenever philippe encounters an antagonist his first reaction is always "welp i'm in love with you" and it almost gets them killed every time

deryli is THIS close to locking him in a broom closet for the rest of their adventure

illustration i drew to celebrate the one year anniversary of my LGBT thriller webcomic, RORY 💜

you can check it out on tapas, tumblr, or early access & hi-res on patreon!