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witch boyfriends edward and beau! i started this painting on my desktop and had to finish it on the ipad when my computer died 😭

made some little portrait emblems for my comic boys!!

please don't repost or use as an icon 🙏

june's lotus pinup is here!

i imagine he would be an ex psychic NPC turned trainer when he realized standing around a psychic gym all day was too boring, LMAO

you can find all of my other monthly lotus pinups here !

version with team:


there is a constant running gag where whenever philippe encounters an antagonist his first reaction is always "welp i'm in love with you" and it almost gets them killed every time

deryli is THIS close to locking him in a broom closet for the rest of their adventure

mockup illustration for my next comic project!

character expression sheet for caspiano! he's one of the main characters in my next comic project so i'm trying to draw him and the others as much as i can to get the hang of them


also titled "last thing you see before you die"

vanta and festro, the two villains from my upcoming comic project, are really out here doing the most as usual 👏

a little thing from earlier this month of my bounty hunting demon worshipper bb, kinnean 🖤

outfit references for my chill vampire dude, ashleigh von grimm 🌈🦇

he owns a bed and breakfast and is over a thousand years old! he has trouble keeping up with memes so you may catch him unironically saying very old cursed memes

time to start uploading here, pwease be patient with me 😭🙏